Next Generation Lead Capture Technology

For easy and effective lead capture on your website, optinopoli is a game changer. Steve Shaw,

How many leads are you missing out on everyday simply by not having effective lead capture on your website? How many sales and revenue opportunities are passing you by, day in, day out?

It's a common problem. And an easy fix. How about launching multiple high-conversion opt-in campaigns on your website within the next five minutes, delivering brand new leads for your business? Install optinopoli™ in seconds. Once installed, new campaigns can be created and launched within just a minute or two. With optinopoli™, lead capture has never been easier.

Even better, you can start capturing leads today for free, no card required—and keep using it for free for as long as you want. Upgrade in seconds whenever you like to access business-level features such as AB testing.

High Conversions

Run high-conversion opt-in campaigns in minutes using multiple creatives including Lightboxes, Smartbars, Welcome Mats and inline Widgets. Run fully responsive campaigns across multiple devices.
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Personalized Engagement

Tailor website experiences to visitor behavior. Retarget leads with new campaigns that deliver engaging, personalized website experiences—and move hot prospects closer to the sale.
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Easy to Use

Avoid all those awkward embed codes! Install once, then run campaigns from our intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard. Our high-conversion templates get you started quickly. You'll be up and running in no time.
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Start running high-conversion lead capture campaigns on your website in less than 5 minutes—completely free. No obligation, and no need to enter card details. Simply enter your email now to get started...

optinopoli™ makes lead capture easy

How Are We Different?

Here are three big ways we do things better than everything else out there...

More Control

Why struggle and waste time with multiple embed codes for different campaigns? Control campaigns the new, easy way with a single intuitive dashboard. Create, start and stop campaigns in seconds.

More Leads

It's genius... Why restrict yourself to a single campaign for a lead magnet? Run more than one simultaneously—they all stop showing once a visitor's converted. The result? More leads.

Easy Compliance

GDPR changed marketing forever. But it needn't be difficult. Our compliance tools include auto-recording opt-in forms, checkbox controls, and geo-targeting that permits EU/non-EU campaigns.

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Achieve Higher Lead and Sales Conversions ... With Full Control

Packed with Powerful Easy-to-Use Features that Drive Up Conversions and Attract More Leads and Sales

Our unique, next generation lead capture and retargeting technology increases your lead conversions while simultaneously growing your sales through retargeted campaigns that deliver engaging, personalized website experiences—and all in the quickest, easiest, most efficient way possible.

I've found using optinopoli easy—and that's from someone who's not technical and gives up on many processes when they're too difficult. Thank you! Dr Jo Righetti,


AB Testing


Easy Design


Campaign Builder

Powerful Effects


And much more ... including advanced visitor targeting options, integrated lead magnet management, and lead capture from other sites across the web including social. Start free now to find out more.

Businesses that create personalized experiences for customers are seeing revenues increase two to three times faster than those that don't. Boston Consulting Group

Run Follow-On Campaigns That Move Prospects Closer to the Sale

Engage Leads and Build Sales by Personalizing Their Experience ... That's Just Smart Marketing

Most websites show a single opt-in campaign, and then stop as soon as the visitor's opted in. That's a massive wasted opportunity. What if you could continue engaging them, build your relationship, and move them closer to the sale? That's exactly what optinopoli™ helps you to do.

How? Create other campaign(s) that start running as soon as a visitor's joined your list, and help move them towards any objective you choose. It's smart marketing that better engages visitors by personalizing their experience—based on their previous behavior —and helps you grow your business.

Here's how our Smart Campaigns work...


Run campaign(s) on your website to attract leads onto your list. Regularly communicate with them*, driving them back to your website.
* We integrate with multiple email service providers.


Retarget leads with Smart Campaigns that engage with them, build their relationship with you, and deliver more sales.


Smart Campaigns help your business grow—research shows offering personalized, engaging experiences can increase sales by 20% or more.

Marketers who deliver web experiences personalized for the visitor are achieving double digit returns in response and overall performance. Forbes

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Start attracting more leads with high-conversion campaigns in less than 5 minutes—start free today. There's no obligation, and no need to enter card details. Simply enter your email now to get started...

As a conversion specialist, I’m always looking out for what businesses can do without being so complex they would never use it—optinopoli is awesome. Love it! Greg Newell,


Start Running High Conversion Campaigns on Your Site Within Just a Few Minutes

Get started with your own high conversion campaigns within the next few minutes—it's easy!

Choose from Lightbox, Smartbar, Welcome Mat or inline Widget creatives—add multiple campaigns to your website today. Control targeting, visual effects, display rules and more directly from the intuitive dashboard.

All campaigns are fully responsive—creatives auto-adapt for maximum conversions across multiple devices. Fully customizable and flexible, run multiple campaigns to capture leads, drive traffic and make announcements.


Background Gradients


Instant Use Templates


Designer Fonts

Sample Welcome Mat
Lightboxes and inline Widgets
Free Email and Data Integrations

Leads Automatically Added to Your List 24/7

We directly integrate with most of the main autoresponder and email service providers, adding leads directly to your list as soon as they subscribe, around the clock. You can also receive leads via email, as well as POST notification webhooks that send data direct to your server.

Don't see your own service listed here? Please just ask to see if we support it.

MailChimp GetResponse Aweber Infusionsoft ConstantContact
iContact Active Campaign Campaign Monitor

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Start free today and access everything you need to start running high-conversion campaigns on your website. There's no obligation or time limit—you don't even need to enter card details.

Want to access business-level features like AB testing? Start with a free Starter account and then upgrade via the dashboard after logging in. So you can upgrade with complete peace of mind—and because we're so confident you'll love optinopoli™—upgraded plans come with a full 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.



  • doneCreate unlimited lead capture campaigns
  • doneUse Lightboxes, Smartbars, Welcome Mats and inline Widgets
  • done48 instant-use high conversion templates
  • done150+ preset background gradients
  • done150+ designer fonts
  • doneAdvanced page and visitor targeting info
  • donePowerful transition effects info
  • doneTraffic and conversion analytics info
  • doneAutoresponder integration info
  • doneWebhooks info
  • doneLead magnet management info
  • doneUse for a single website
  • doneNo time limit or obligation
  • doneAnd much more...

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Personalized web experiences increase sales, on average, by 20%. Monetate