What Are Smart Campaigns?

Most business websites run lead capture campaigns that either stop as soon as a visitor's entered their information, or continue offering the same thing when the lead returns to the site. That's a massive wasted opportunity for revenue growth.

What if you could convert new leads into buyers with personalized experiences, proven to increase sales by 20% or more, and personalized calls to action, shown to increase conversion rates by 42%?*

That's exactly what optinopoli™'s Smart Campaigns help you to do. It's smart marketing that better engages visitors by personalizing their experience—based on their previous behaviour—and helps you grow your business.

* SmartFocus

Marketers see an average 20% sales increase when using personalized web experiences, with personalized CTAs resulting in a 42% higher conversion rate. Jess Stephens, SmartFocus

How Do They Work?

Here's how our Smart Campaigns work—discover how to put them into action via the short tutorial below.

You'll also find 12 Smart Campaign ideas, plus discover how to use layered Smart Campaigns to guide the prospect through your sales funnel.


Run campaign(s) on your website and content channels to convert eyeballs into leads. Use email follow-up* to drive them back to your website.
* We integrate with multiple CRMs.


Run follow-on Smart Campaigns to provide personalized engagement, build your relationship, and convert leads into buyers.


Research shows personalized experiences increase sales by 20% or more and personalized calls to action result in a 42% higher conversion rate*.
* Research by SmartFocus

Set Up

How to Use optinopoliā„¢'s Smart Campaigns

Smart Campaign settings can be applied to any normal campaign. Create a campaign in the normal way, and then refer back to these instructions.

Smart Campaign Settings


Smart Campaign settings

The Smart Campaign settings are provided towards the bottom of the Targeting tab within the campaign editor.


Personalized Engagement

Retarget existing leads with a new campaign that personalizes their experience and provides a personalized call to action.

This means you can make a new call to action based directly on what they signed up for before.

For example, if someone signed up for a whitepaper, you might then show them an invitation to attend a sales webinar.

To use a campaign as a follow-on Smart Campaign in this way, turn on the Has opted into... option.

Select the relevant Lead Magnet(s) and/or Lead Magnet Group(s) as required, selecting the relevant option from the one or more/all dropdown.

That's all that's needed to set up a Smart Campaign. It's deceptively simple, but provides for some incredibly powerful marketing.

See below for 12 Smart Campaign ideas.

Retargeted campaign
Smart Campaigns - NOT option

Power Step

Run grouped campaigns

You can also use the Smart Campaigns functionality to prevent one or more campaigns from running for a visitor as soon as they have converted into a lead for one or more unrelated Lead Magnets.

This can be useful for example if you're offering several content upgrades via numerous campaigns, and want to stop them and run a Smart Campaign as soon as a visitor's details have been captured.

For this scenario, it's helpful to first group together related Lead Magnets. Then, for each relevant campaign, choose the Has NOT opted into... option in the Smart Campaigns settings, and select the Lead Magnet Group in question.

Using this Smart Campaigns option means that, until a visitor has converted for the selected Lead Magnet(s) or Lead Magnet Group(s), they will continue to see the campaign.

The Smart Campaign should then be set up as per Step 02 above.

In this way, multiple campaigns can be stopped at the same time, and replaced by one or more follow-on Smart Campaigns.

Marketers who deliver web experiences personalized for the visitor are achieving double digit returns in response and overall performance. Forbes

12 Smart Campaign Ideas

Here are 12 top ideas for follow-on Smart Campaigns you can use to build your relationship with leads and boost sales conversions.

Remember, you can run multiple creatives for each offer. For example, you might have a Smartbar combined with a sidebar Widget, as well as perhaps an end of page Widget.



Invite to a sales webinar designed to educate the prospect while encouraging them to purchase.



Invite to watch a video showing a presentation, a tutorial, or perhaps some behind-the-scenes information designed to build trust and help the viewer feel more connected with your business.


Product Hook

Make an irresistable offer designed to convert the lead into a buyer. For example, offer something valuable to the lead at an irresistably-low price point. After their initial purchase, offer a more profitable upsell.


In-Depth Resource

You may be initially capturing leads by offering a simple Lead Magnet requiring little or no commitment from your prospect. However, once they're a lead, they may be willing to request a more in-depth resource that builds a greater sense of trust and guides them towards becoming a customer.



Ask them to complete a survey—this invites a closer relationship with the prospect, while they gain a broader understanding of your business. You also get to better understand your market and what they are looking for.



Offer a free or low-cost trial of your product or service that isn't normally available, and has strictly limited availability.


Free Consultation

Give them an easy way to get in touch for an initial free consultation.



Ask them to sign up for a one-to-one demo of your product or service.


Case Studies

Invite them to download one or more case studies providing examples of customer(s) who have had success with your product or service.


In-Person Event

For a local business, invite to an in-person event, such as a breakfast meeting, workshop seminar, or open day—or invite them to make an appointment to come in and meet you.


Discount Code

Provide a discount code they can use on their first purchase. For best effect, ensure the discount code has an expiry date and follow up with them to remind them to use it.


More Information

Invite them to contact you directly such as via phone and/or email to request more information on X, Y or Z, or to ask any questions they may have.

Use these ideas for inspiration, adapting as necessary for your own market.

Create a Smart Campaign Sales Funnel

Layered Smart Campaigns

You can have multiple layers of Smart Campaigns running on your website that in effect guide the prospect through your sales funnel towards a final offer.

Here's a quick example of how layered Smart Campaigns might work.

Initial Lead Capture

Capture the lead initially using one or more content upgrades on your blog, or a high-conversion opt-in offer on your website.


Run follow-on Smart Campaigns to invite new leads to your next webinar where you educate them on your product and make a sales offer.

Sales Offer

Target Smart Campaigns at webinar leads to present your sales offer. Schedule to run in line with your webinar, including any deadline for your offer.

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